PW Protractor

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Introducing the PW Protractor 

It’s a triangular ruler with 6 scaled edges. They are as follows:

-normal millimetre scale
-0.5MOA per click scale (elcan and EOTech)
-0.25MOA per click scale (ACOG x4/6)
-1MOA per click scale (trijicon RMR) (this scale can also be used for 2MOA click sights like the shield CQB red dot)
-1:25k map romer
-1:50k map romer

A little from the creator..

I was running the butts a few weeks ago and found myself rushing down the line trying to read the corrections back quickly and accurately. We’ve all been there:
“MPI was 176mm right of the CZP... so he needs to come left.... hmm, we’re at 100m so that’s 15mm (as per the pam but 4mm at 25m) per click, so that’s erm... erm,... left 11? 12? (11.7333r).”
All the time rushing to get the lads firing again because we’ve got 6 hours to zero and shoot a company through LFMT and ACMT, on 6 lanes.
My maths isn’t good enough and I found myself letting the firers down by rushing their adjustments, therefore not giving them confidence in their zero.

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