Rum25 Raspberry & Pomegranate Rum

Rum25 Raspberry & Pomegranate Rum

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A silver rum infused with raspberry and a subtle hint of pomegranate.
37.5% Vol

RUM25’s founder Joe, is a serving Royal Marines Commando. He has been deployed all over the globe and has a deep family history of serving the United Kingdom (Country). Passionate about rum, he wanted to make his brand a tribute to all the men and women who have served, past, present and future.

Each Royal Marines Commando has to undertake a specialisation, and Joe has been a Landing Craft Coxswain for much of his career. The Royal Marines work horse of the sea is the Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP), a craft he served on for many years. The LCVP is also the inspiration for the 25 in RUM25s name. From conflicts to rescues, war zones to humanitarian aid this craft has done it all and at a maximum speed of only 25 Knots.

His many deployments around the world, and many ports for rum tasting, has naturally led Joe to create this brand. Soon to reach the end of a full career in the Royal Marines he wanted his civilian life to continue with adventures and stories, just like each of his rums have their own stories. Being able to drink over ice or in a cocktail, the selection is a symphony to Joe’s life, let the tasting begin.

“Inherited from the past Inspired by the future”


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