On the 9th of April 2021 four-time Guinness World Record holding amputee and former Royal Marine, Lee Spencer, will take on the National 3 Peaks Challenge. He is planning on attempting the 3 highest peaks in the UK in three consecutive days. The 3 Peaks Challenge is a relentless and demanding task for anyone; Lee is taking on this challenge as an amputee.

In 2014 Lee lost his leg after stopping at the scene of an accident on the M3, although his right leg was severed in the impact, the Bootneck training kicked in and he was able to instruct bystanders on how to tie a tourniquet and help paramedics to save his life. 

During his time in hospital, he was placed into a medically induced coma, he had a long road to recovery with weeks of rehabilitation. While recovering from his injuries Lee began planning his future. Lee, a Pride of Britain Nominee, set-off to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in just a rowing boat in 2015. The Row2Recovery team of four injured veterans had just 3 legs between them. In February 2016, some 46 days, 6 hours and 49 minutes later they rowed into Antigua and the record books as the world’s first physically disabled crew of four to row any ocean. 

Lee became the world’s first physically disabled person to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America solo and unsupported. The Rowing Marine broke the able-bodied record by an astonishing 36 days and also broke the record for the longest solo and unsupported ocean row by a physically disabled person, a total of 3 Guinness World records. Raising funds for RMA – The Royal Marines Charity. 

For his latest adventure, Lee is combining the three biggest challenges in the UK. He is aiming to take on swimming the English Channel, cycling from John O’Groats to Land's End and kicking it all off with the 3 Peaks Challenge in April.


“What I wanted to do was combine the three biggest and ultimate challenges in the UK. The English Channel, cycling Lands' End to John o' Groats and the three peaks, into one big challenge. But then my life got overtaken by rowing the ocean, which I ended up doing twice but now I really want to get on and do it. So, I want to announce that in July 2021, I'll be undertaking what I'm calling the triathlon of Great Britain.”

The Triathlon of Britain, a challenge that Lee conceived himself and has held as a goal for many years, will be another monumental step for the former Royal Marine. The first phase of the challenge, which Lee admits will be the most arduous for him has been generously sponsored by Surrey Steels and Calizar, huge Thanks to them both!


“Undoubtedly the biggest challenge for me will be the three peaks and to that end, I'm starting my build-up to that now. In April, I'm endeavouring to do the Three peaks on consecutive days. That is Snowden, then Scafell Pike and then Ben Nevis.”

Lee has always believed that no one should be defined by something that they can’t do or have to live by limitations. He has been a strong voice for those who have been weighed down by their labels and told that they could not achieve what they wanted to, Lee says it is all about ‘redefining who you are’ and ‘challenging preconceptions’.

“The reason I'm doing the whole thing and the reason behind the triathlon of Great Britain is threefold. Firstly, is to keep on proving that no one should be defined by disability. Secondly is to keep wounded and injured servicemen in the nation's conscience and thirdly and I think probably most importantly is to raise money for The Royal Marines Charity. Since I lost my leg and I went through the recovery pathway, I've seen first-hand what The Royal Marines Charity does to both Royal Marines and their family. I passionately believe that those that have had their lives shattered in the service of our society, our country deserves a life with dignity. So, to that end, I'll be first of all, the three peaks challenge in April, I'm going to be raising money for The Royal Marines Charity”

Lee has been an ongoing supporter of the Charity, from allowing us to auction his record-breaking oar in our annual London Dinner, to promoting the Charity through his contacts. He is an invaluable force that we are proud to support in his journey through breaking down barriers surrounding disability. Beyond raising funds this year, Lee will be raising morale, providing inspiration and pushing the boundaries of expectation.