The Adventures of Sergeant Brown and the Mini Marines

The Adventures of Sergeant Brown and the Mini Marines

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We all know Royal Marines are brave and courageous and can read a map, but did you know they love peanut butter with marmite sandwhiches? Did you know they cry and write poetry? Did you know they love singing and jelly babies? A humorous and witty story about true friendship, this tale teaches us what it really means to be courageous in the face of extreme anxiety and fear.

Josh and Caleb live in South Wales and are desperate to be real Marines just like their uncle, Ex-Royal Marine Sergeant Percy Brown. Out on the barren and uninhabited footpaths of Dartmoor in miserable weather, the boys suddenly realise Sergeant Brown and Tinca are missing! How will they cope when they have to survive alone on Dartmoor, as the weather is worsening, as the night is drawing in? What fears and anxieties and challenges will they face along the way? How will they find Sergeant Brown and Tinca?

Join them in thier green Land Rover with their Highland Terrier tinca a sthey set off on a 'Real Marines' adventure on Dartmoor. Will they all gey home in time for therugby and Mum's home cooking? Take a look and see!

Written and illustrated by Cerys Brown and her uncle, Ex-Royal Marine Colin Brown. Join Josh and Caleb in a fun adventure across Dartmoor which encourages readers to think about hteir anxieties and fears.

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