Royal Marines Silver Circle Pendant

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Royal Marines Silver Circle Pendant - RM20

This elegantly understated silver pendant was inspired by the Royal Marines proud heritage. The pendant is engraved with "Royal Marines 1664" on the inner circle, paying homage to the Corps long history. The Royal Marines Latin motto, "Per Mare Per Terram" (By Land By Sea) features on the outside edge. The front of the pendant has a contemporary-style polished finish. The pendant comes with a sterling silver Spiga chain. The chain loops through two small holes at the top of the circle, ensuring the pendant hangs neatly and lies flat. The pendant is designed exclusively for the Royal Marines by Mallards. It was crafted and hand-finished in Mallards workshop in Birminghams famous Jewellery Quarter.

Read a review by one of our customers about the pendant - "I received it very quickly after ordering and I'm thrilled with it. Plain, understated and very classy, it now allows me to keep my precious Corps close to my heart without being fussy or drawing attention. I've already had comments, as it looks far more expensive than it actually is! The chain is also perfect, as that had a high end look and feel and is, unusually, a really good length and not too short as is sometimes the case. The finish is beautiful and the wording perfect. Again, minimalistic yet speaking volumes; anyone who knows, knows!"

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