Royal Marines Commando SLR Rifle Alert - Bronze A5o

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This Sculpture is a 1980's version of the Royal Marine Alert or 'Stand To' leaning forward with his left foot up on a rock. He is dressed in the combats of the era with his webbing including shovel and M72 LAW on his back. The rifle he is carrying is the 7.62mm SLR which was the main service weapon of the British Army until being replaced by the SA80 at the end of the 80s. He is wearing his green beret and set into the rock he is standing up on is a Globe and Laurel.

Every statue is proudly handmade in the UK and are used by all the marine units including 30, 40, 42 and 45 Commando as retirement gifts and presentation gizzits.

We can attach an engraved brass plate onto the front of the base to add that special touch. Engraving can be a maximum of 4 lines, with each line no more than 36 characters (including spaces).

Delivery can take up to 14 days on this item, so please contact us before ordering if you need it urgently.

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