Albert Medals Awarded to Royal Marines by Captain Derek Oakley MBE, RM

Albert Medals Awarded to Royal Marines by Captain Derek Oakley MBE, RM

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Albert Medals Awarded to Royal Marines With particular reference to Marine Albert Streams AM (Served 19921-1943) by Captain Derek Oakley MBE, RM

 This special publication of the Royal Marines Historical Society covers the Albert Medals awarded to Royal Marines. The medal was instituted in 1866 and was awarded for supreme gallantry not in the face of the enemy. In 1940, when King George VI introduced the George Cross and George Medal, it ceased to be awarded. In 1971, surviving holders of the Albert Medal were allowed to exchange their medals for the George Cross. 

The first Albert Medal was awarded to Private Anthony Garrity in 1878 and the last to Lieutenant Alex Turner in 1939. However, the heart of this publication is the story of Marine Albert Streams, who served from 1921 until he was killed on the beaches of Sicily in 1943 when he was the MOA to the CO of 41 RM Commando. However, he spent most of his service at sea as a Wardroom Attendant and kept a fascinating personal diary and several scrapbooks and photograph albums depicting life on the lower deck between the wars.  

Ships he served in were involved in Palestine and the Spanish Civil War, while his home service saw him at royal tournaments, On London duties and the Silver Jubilee in 1935, whilst the King personally presented him with his Albert Medal, which he won when the Marines Turret of HMS Devonshire blew up in 1929.  

Royal marines Historical Society Special Publication No. 32.

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