Do Or Die Royal by J G White

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Another Royal Marine. That Gray AJ Adventure story. 

This book is a sequel to Never Surrender by JG White. 

  • In 1942 Britain has been at war for nearly three years against the might of the Nazi war machine. 
  • The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, has ordered the formation of the first Royal Marine Commandos.  
  • Marine Dacre volunteers. The training takes him and his fellow Marines to Deal in Kent, then Scotland and finally to the Isle of Wight to await deployment. 
  • At the same time, Naval Intelligence and Bletchley Park are struggling to break the Enigma codes.  
  • A raid on Dieppe by Canadians and commandoes is planned. A pinch raid becomes part of the main assault and a small group of marines is tasked of stealing the vital codes from German Naval Headquarters.  
  • This raid has been likened to a naval version of ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’. 

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