Jock of 40 Royal Marine Commando: My Life from Start to Finish

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During the war the Chine was taken over and used as an assault course by the commandos whose HQ was at Upper Chine School. 40 Royal Marine Commando trained at the Chine in preparation for the Dieppe raid of 1942. A plaque to their memory was dedicated on 6th June 1984, the 40th anniversary of D-Day.

The Association’s final Service of Remembrance was held in April 2012; their Standard is laid up in the Heritage Centre alongside the history of the Association.


Shanklin Chine is the proud publisher of a book celebrating the Chine’s long association with 40 Royal Marine Commando.

“Jock of 40 Royal Marine Commando: My Life from Start to Finish” is a fascinating story, written by ex-commando Jock Farmer. Born into a working class Scottish family in Paisley, the book records his devotion to his parents and the standards set for him and his brothers and sisters. His relatively tough upbringing served him well when he became a member of the first Royal Marine Commando, formed in 1941.
Sadly, Jock died in November 2006 while his manuscript was being prepared for printing. He was involved with this process until two days before his death. The book stands as a fitting memorial to the wartime exploits of this gallant force, 40 Royal Marine Commando, in which he had been proud to serve.

Published in paperback by Shanklin Chine and incorporating 33 illustrations.

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