Landing at Dawn 2 – Littoral Strike 21st Century - Ray Mumford

Landing at Dawn 2 – Littoral Strike 21st Century - Ray Mumford

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Landing at Dawn 2 – Littoral Strike 21st Century - The Range Art itself:

 We have chosen to celebrate the traditional historical role of the Royal Marines – projecting military power ashore from the flexibility of a naval task force, at a time and place of our own choosing, to catch an enemy off guard. So realistic is every element, that we are often asked “where was the photograph taken?” but this is definitely art, and not a real scene.

 As members of the amphibious community will know, we have taken some liberties with actual amphibious practice, in order to be able to represent all the components which are visible – escorting submarines and the SBS who made the beach reconnaissance before the landing are used to having their activities go unobserved!

 We have however tasked our artist Ray Mumford with picturing a scene which at the time of its creation had certainly not actually happened, and indeed may not yet have done so. Depicted are the new Queen Elizabeth class of aircraft carrier, with its brand new F35 fifth generation aircraft, and embarked Apache Longbow attack helicopters protecting and supporting the landing. Merlin helicopters lifting Royal Marines to landing objectives beyond and to the flanks of the amphibious assault complete the aerial dimension. The latest marks of both Landing and fast raiding craft are represented, and even the vehicle about to be landed and the weapons carried by the assaulting troops are right up to date.

 The landing is depicted as unopposed at present, but naval warships stand ready to suppress any opposition with naval gunfire support, and also to provide both a robust air defence and secure maritime environment.

Ray Mumford ( is a  world-renowned artist, who has generously offered his expertise to the Norfolk Branch RMA to produce the extremely well received and popular Landing at Dawn – Littoral Strike 21st Century.

For his selfless and considerable efforts in supporting the RMA-The Royal Marines Charity throughout this long project, Ray has been made an honorary member of the RMA.

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