Port, Panel Style 7 Piece Crystal Tray Set, Engraved & Boxed - H40d

Port, Panel Style 7 Piece Crystal Tray Set, Engraved & Boxed - H40d

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A lead free crystal handcrafted panel cut ships port decanter and 6 port glasses with personalised hand engraving. The set comes with a wooden serving tray designed to fit it perfectly and all items come in their own hand made blue gift boxes.

The tray has brass handles and a velvet lined recess for the decanter. An engraved jewellers brass plate can also be added to the tray, this can have a personal message of congratulations or name and service dates to commemorate a retirement.

This is a classic navy ships design port decanter with an extra wide base to prevent it falling over on a rocking ship. Hand crafted in lead free crystal the dacenter comes with a cut ball stopper and a worcester pattern cut around the decanter itself. A panel has been left uncut for engraving.

Decanter engraving area: 80mm x 70mm

Glasses engraving area: 30mm x 30mm

All engraved crystal and glass is fragile and should be handwashed instead of using a dishwasher.

Delivery can take up to 14 working days on this item, so please contact us before ordering if you need it urgently.

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