The Crinoline Church, Eastney Barracks by Dennis Bill

The Crinoline Church, Eastney Barracks by Dennis Bill

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The Crinoline Church, Eastney Barracks The /story of the Royal Marine Artillery Church, its Chaplins and its Baptisms, 1866-1905 by Dennis Bill

 This is the only book ever to be written about the Crinoline Church, which preceded the red brick St. Andrew’s Church in the Royal Marine Artillery Barracks in Eastney, South Sea. Considerable controversy and not a little myth surround the origins of this remarkable church. 

This book is the result of amazing dedication and research by Dennis Bill, who has spent years assembling the enormous wealth of information included. However, it is not just a book about the origins and life of this church 1866 to 1905. He has also researched the lives of all those whose memorials were to be found within the church and those whose deaths were recorded in the church. If this was not enough, he has also covered the lives and careers of all the chaplains and their assistants who conducted baptisms at this church, and very many of those who were baptized and/or their parents, including some fascinating little vignettes of life and the Victorian Royal Navy and Royal Marines. An appendix further includes a comprehensive list of all baptisms conducted in this church during its lifetime as the RMA Church.  

This book is a welcome addition to the pantheon of books on Royal Marines history and fills a gap which no one has previously attempted to fill. 

Royal marines Historical Society Special Publication No. 44.

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